Thursday, May 23, 2013

5 Interesting Things to Make and do With Beets!

When you read some of these, you may be like, "What? You can do that with beets?!" So, prepare to be amazed!

5 Interesting Uses for Beets (that you can easily do yourself!)

1  . Super Easy Beet Powder! (that can be used as blush)

This is a really easy recipe that can be done in only 3 simple steps!

2. Make Beet and Sweet Potato Chips!

3. Dye your eggs naturally using beets! 
I've saw some pictures of these and they look pretty awesome!

4. Have some Chocolate Beet Cupcakes!

Remember, just because it doesn't sound good doesn't mean it isn't!

5. Use them to dye your fabric: First, put a beet in boiling water and let it sit there for about ten to fifteen mins or until the water turns red (sometimes it may turn yellow. Then, soak your fabric in it overnight. In the morning, wring the fabric out and throw away the beets and water.

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