Saturday, February 23, 2013

10 reasons to why GMO is harmful

For a while a lot of people have disagreed on GMO foods.While it hasn't been proven unsafe, some still disagree about it being "safe". People are not labeling their foods GMO even though it has some because they don't want to hurt their sale.  My opinion is that GMO is not at all healthy...and here are some reasons on why I believe that.

1. If a virus were ever to come upn a GMO plant, then all the others with the same dna will get that virus, too.

2. If pollen on some GMO strawberries were to get blown to some wildflowers, and if a little bee comes in contact with that GMO pollen, it they will get sick and will kill their other little bee friends. And without any bees, we'll have no honey and our plants won't be able to pollinate.   And, if the GMO pollen blows on milkweed (which is what caterpillars eat) the caterpillars would die, which would mean they could eventually become extinct, and no more lovely butterflies!

3. GMO is not good for the soil, so once you plant a GMO plant in that soil...that soil will always have GMO in it. So, farmers with a gmo vegtable field can't decided to make all of his plants non-gmo because the GMO's already in the soil!

4. It hasn't been proven, safe, either and GMO can be unpredictable.

5.They're not natural, so that's how it can get a virus..and sometimes they use dye (sometimes made from crushed bugs!).

6. GMO could create a new allergen for people.

7. Doctors also warn us not to eat Genetically Modified Food. Which means that if they don't recommend it, why should scientists?

8. GMO alters our digestive system.

9. GMO soy links to stertility,  infant morality!

10.   GMO can Damage the liver

What do you think about GMO? Post a comment to let me know!

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