Monday, April 1, 2013

Is Soy Good or Bad?

People often don't know what to think about soy. Some say it's good for you and others say it's bad. So, it all comes down to one question. Is it good or bad? And, both sides are right. I know, you're probably wondering, how both ca
n be right. But, it's true. Soy can be bad and good. Okay, let me explain. Soy is bad when it's UNFERMENTED. Soy is healthy when ORGANICALLY  grown or FERMENTED. So, how do you know if it's been processed? If it doesn't say it has no GMO or hasn't been fermented, it's best not to get it. To read my article on GMO, click HERE! It's best to buy the soy bean itself. And homemade soy milk is best.  There's a long list of reasons on why unfermented soy isn't good for you, that I could go on and on. But, I don't think you have time for that, so I've only listed a few reasons unfermented soy can do to your body.
Here's what Unfermented soy can cause:
1. Soy is one of the things that can cause thyroid cancer and other cancers.

2. It can cause brain damage.

3. Infant abnormalities.

4. Tofu can cause Alzheimer's disease

Here is a list on some soy foods that have been unfermented. Just in case you forgot, unfermented is the bad soy.

Tofu. America's soy has been unfermented, but most tofu in Japan is fermented.

Here's a list of fermented soy (healthy) that is okay to eat.

1. tempeh (This is good baked or grilled. Especially with a little liquid aminos!)

2. miso (this is a thick paste)

3. Natto (shaped in small chunks)

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