Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Truth About Agave Nectar

The Truth About Agave!
I've always used agave in quite a few recipes, including some of my lotions. Agave is in many vegan, sugar-free, vegatarian and other health foods.  Health food stores are selling it, so most people think it's healthy since the health food stores are
promoting it. But,  agave isn't as good as people say it is! Yee-ikes!  Here's a list of why agave isn't good for you.

Why Agave Nectar isn't Good for You

1. It's been said to dry out your skin. I wouldn't want that happening to me! So, once I found out I stopped using it in my lotions and other things I make for my body.

2. Agave nectar is made with a lot of chemicals. 

3. An abundance of fructose can damage your liver!

4. Agave is similar to high-fructose corn syrup. So, in other words, it's mostly made up of fructose!

I hope this list has convinced you!

There is a Teensy Weensy Good Thing!!!

Well, not 100% good! It's only 1/2 good. :) Agave is a little healthier if you buy it labeled as USDA organic. But, that doesn't make it all good. Just better.  It's not a very good alternative to honey or sugar.

Still Don't Believe it???

If you still don't believe me, type, 'Is Agave Bad For You" on or   Google        and you'll find quite a few articles that have to do with agave being bad for your health.

What are YOUR Thoughts on Agave???

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

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