Wednesday, September 25, 2013

12 Cancer Fighting Foods


There are many foods that you can buy that will help your health. Even cancer! So, stock up on these foods..and don't forget to write these on your shopping list!

1. Walnuts. You only need to eat a handful each day to reduce risk of cancer.

2. According to studies, broccoli actually kills cancer cells.

3. Pears (organic, if you prefer)

4. Oranges (since these have a skin, they don't need to be organic)

5. Tomatoes (If canned, it's best to get them with no salt added)

6. Eggs or egg substitutes (farm fresh eggs are best)

7. Oatmeal

8. Almonds (best if they have low or no salt added)

9. Whole Grain Pasta (these should be bought organic)

10. Turmeric (preferably organic)

11. Olive Oil (Preferably organic)

12. Garbanzo beans/ Chickpeas

13. Sweet Potatoes (If you like to eat the skin, it's best to buy these organic)

14. Berries (preferably organic)

Note: Eating these foods alone will not help you. To have good results, it's best to have a healthy diet.

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