Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Why I eat Organic (and you should too!)

I love eating organic.  As you may know, I'm different from some organic eaters. I do not eat soy,cheese, milk or anything in that catergory. I do eat meat though. (except for pork) Eating organic is not also good for you, but for the earth too! Organic food even delivers more
nutrition than food that isn't organic! And, when you buy organic, your meat  will be free of antibiotics and hormoes. Because, research has shown that people who eat meat + dairy with antibiotics and hormones are more likely to get cancer and go through early puberty. Organic food also is more fresh and stays that way longer than food that isn't organic. Plus, it's actually cheaper, too! When you eat organic, you're less as likely to get doctors bills. YAY! And as you know, doctors bills can be pretty expensive. I feel better too, when I eat organic food. So, you see, organic food is totally better for you!  Before you take a bite from that hamburger..consider eating organic!

Just some facts!

1. 58% of people think organic food is better for the environment

2. 32% or people say organic food taste better.


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