Saturday, September 21, 2013

This Is About As Natural As You Can Get!

Warning: You may not want to read this if you're enjoying a meal.

Yesterday, we were at a museum of natural science...and, I bet you can't guess what they had going on! A bug cooking contest! Yes, I'm serious. There were three chefs and each one had to make a three course meal. An appetizer, main dish and dessert. All using bugs in it. The bugs they were using were Large worms, Scorpions, and Meal worms, plus other types of worms. There were also four judges. The judges had to try the dish and vote for which one they liked best. The audience also got to try the food, too.
I tried crickets! And they tasted good at the time (but later gave me a stomach ache). Do not misunderstand..I'm not saying go out and eat some bugs! ;) No, I advise you not to. I don't know much about eating bugs..but, I do know this, those crickets gave me a stomach ache. And if they gave me a stomach ache, maybe we really shouldn't be eating them. Those worms did really smell good thought! And get this, one of the judges (the one on the far left) mentioned she had a lot of wolf spiders in her backyard and wondered if she could just kill them an eat them. The judge on the far right said before you could eat the spider you'd have to pick the hairs off (they're pretty hairy) to get to the good stuff. This just gives the shivers talking about it!  (I usually love trying weird foods..but trying bugs isn't my type) Below, I've included some pictures (and some videos) from the contest.
Note: I wasn't able to get an actual picture of the dishes served..but you may get a glimpse of them in the videos.

What do you think about bug eating?  Let me know in the comments below!

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