Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Coconut Oil: A Super Food

Shown above: How To Make An All Natural Coconut Lip Balm from a previous post.

Coconut oil has some really amazing benefits! It's like a super food. It has so many benefits that a person can't even begin to name all of them. It's completely natural, too. You can buy a jar and use it for almost everything! Such as cooking, baking, personal care and more.

Here a few benefits of coconut oil:

1. Anti-bacterial

2. Nontoxic to people and humans

3. Has no negative side effects

What kind of coconut oil to get:

The best coconut oil to get is un-refined. The reason why is because it hasn't been processed. But, if you're using it in baking, keep in mind it leave leave a slight coconut taste! Before I realized this, I used it in baking chocolate cookies and that didn't turn out too well. So, now I usually use organic olive oil or peanut oil in baking. (Unless I want it to have a coconut taste.)

Uses for coconut oil:

1. Bug bites: once you receive a bite, simply rub the oil on it and it will remove the itching and burning.

2. Makeup remover-simply use it with a cotton ball.

3. Wrinkle prevention and reducer-this will life the sags on your face and prevent them!

4. Lip balm/Lip Gloss-simple rub on the lips or make my Coconut Lip Balm

5. Nausea- to calm an upset stomach rub on the wrist and forearm

6. Depression-the coconut oil will have to be ingested for it to work.

7. Cancer-coconut oil can help prevent it

8. Canker sores-for this to work, you have to apply it to the sore

9. Makes your pets coats healthy looking-you may need to consult a vet first to know what amount to give them

10. Cleaning leather

11. Removes hair from gum

12. Warts-for it to work, you must apply it to the wart

13. Toothache-you must apply it to the area to see results

14. Asthma-you must ingest it to see results

15. Stress

16. Energy

17. Head lice

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