Saturday, November 9, 2013

Say Yes To Local/Raw Honey!

 There are a few reasons why local honey is the best way to go. More than 60 % of the honey in the U.S. is imported from other countries. To some of you this may not be surprising since just about everything you buy is probably imported. Most of the honey that's imported is from China. Though it may not be coming directly from there.
Before being shipped off from China, the honey is mislabeled--purposely! From China, the honey is shipped to other Asian countries and countries in the Pacific. The reason why this is done is to make people think that it's not from China. After all, nobody's knew until recently. This is called 'Honey Laundering'. The honey is dangerous because Chinese honey often contains an illegal antibiotic called chloramphenicol. Some people can be allergic to this. Which is why some people are allergic to honey (I'm not talking about local honey). When people find out it contains chloramphenicol, it of course gets send back. But, when it gets sent back, the importers just send it out again--but to a different company, hoping they won't know it contains chloramphenicol. Sneaky, right?  But, buying raw local honey can be expensive. Here's why; Imported honey is made with cheap stuff (meaning it's probably not 100% honey that you're buying) and local honey is real stuff. The good stuff. But, you can either choose the good stuff or the bad. If you don't know of anyone who sells local honey nearby, just go with raw honey.

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