Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tips On How To Keep From Overeating (especially during the holidays!)

People often end up overeating more during the holidays. And, by the end of the holiday season, there waistline has expanded. But, some people end up overeating not just from temptation, but stress. And, the foods people usually turn to when stressed are often processed, sugary and fatty. But, for those of you who get tempted during the holidays...well, that's a bite of a different story. And, I've included some useful tips to help you not to overeat.

1. When you get a plate full of food. Only eat half. Put the rest in a to-go box or freeze it for later.

2. When you get snack, fill them on a napkin or small plate, then walk away from the snack "area".

 3. Before you go to a party or eat, make sure you drink plenty of water. As water fills your hunger. But, don't get hydrated on juice, alcoholic beverages or soda because they have empty calories.

4. Get full with vegetables. If you choose extra veggies, you're more likely to get full faster.

5. Take small bites. By taking smaller bites, you're more likely to get full faster.

How do you keep from overeating during the holidays? Or, do you just eat as much as you want?

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