Monday, August 19, 2013

Why You Should Not eat Microwave Popcorn

My favorite kind of popcorn to eat is microwaved popcorn. But, not anymore! I recently found out how bad microwaved popcorn is for you.
When you microwave the popcorn, it causes the chemicals to absorb into the popcorn. The name of this chemical is p

erfluoroalkyls. Such a long and hard-to-pronounce word. Like people say, if you don't recognize it, it's mostly likely not good for you. When ingested, these chemicals end up staying in your body for YEARS. They're stored in the organs. Eww.  You really shouldn't eat anything in the microwave, anyway (more on that later.). But, microwaved popcorn's the worst it can get! Microwaved popcorn can lead to cancer, infertility, thyroid malfunction, etc. Hearing this, makes me want to throw my microwave in the trash! The natural solution for eating popcorn is cooking it in a skillet over the stove. Just make sure to cover it with a lid! I love it with a little bit of coconut oil and sea salt. Mmm! So, toss at that microwave popcorn you have in your pantry!

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